Tbilisoba 2022

tbilisoba 2022

During the days of Tbilisoba, various events, concerts and fairs will be held in the squares in the historical center of the capital – Orbeliani, Gudiashvili, in the park of Legvtakhevi and Rike, in specially equipped spaces.

In connection with the preparations for the holiday, which will begin on September 28, the city authorities are requesting a simplified purchase of services in the amount of 3 million 50 thousand lari (more than $1 million).

The city center will be decorated with decorations, pavilions of twin cities and partners of Tbilisi, the stand “History of Tbilisi Development”, a three-dimensional arch, a three-dimensional logo “Tbilisi 2022”, the installation “Honorary Tbilisi”, a lounge area, a cafe “Khimerioni”, installations “Moon of Mtatsminda” will be installed ”, “Volumetric newspaper” and others.

In the area of ​​​​Orbeliani Square, the “Tbilisi District on Atoneli” will be organized – the territory near the presidential palace will be decorated with flowers and autumn fruits.

For the first time this year, the restored Gudiashvili Square will become the venue for Tbilisoba – the open-air Tbilisi Cafe will be located in the center of the square. There will be a musical program, and famous chefs will offer guests original dishes and desserts.

The scenery in the Legvtakhevi gorge near the Tbilisi baths will be dedicated to the theme of “mekhotbe” – the praisers of Tbilisi – poets, artists, musicians.
On October 1, the ceremony of awarding honorary citizens of Tbilisi will take place.

“Tbilisoba 2022” will end on October 2 with a festive concert on stage at Europe Square.