(Snowshoeing) Winter hiking in Bakuriani

Snowshoeing in Bakuriani and beyond
On the basis of the opinions and recommendations of local farmers, family hotel owners, trail design specialists of the local municipality 2 to 5 kilometers of Snowshoe routes concept were developed in the Borjomi municipality area.
The aim of our initiative is to discover the Snowshoe trails in the region and the formation of attractive and safe routes.
The tour operator provides the transportation and placement of groups in Bakuriani as well as offering guided services for safe snowshoeing.
We offer tourist groups experienced tourism activities such as participating in finding, discovering, and making avalanche-safe and nature-compatible trails.
5 Specifications of Snowshoe Tour:
Tour between populated areas with overnighting;
The full moon tour (Move at night, on moonlit slopes);
Tour in a local farms – field, garden, production;
Route of cultural sights;
A scenic tour (route loaded with the most spectacular views);
Offer includes:
Transfer to the hotel, accommodation, breakfast (Full board if desired)
Snowshoe set
Avalanche protection equipment
Field outfit (if necessary)
Local guides
Organization of overnight stays during two or more day tours
To pre-order a tour, please fill out the form (We will process the order and send you a price):
Our goal is to establish a winter hiking association that enhances the safe and ecological environment for Snowshoeing.