Join us on a lovely, scenic hike near Samshvilde Fortress. There is so much to see there – stunning cliff views, pristine forest, rapid rivers, fascinating religious and historical sites! Get your cameras ready!
👉Dates: Sat 1 Oct
👉Duration of the tour: 1 day
👉Driving distance: 130 km
👉Trip difficulty: easy (but it’s a long hike, so take that into consideration)
👉Pick-up: 09:00 am, at Canudos Ethnic Bar, Tbilisi
👉Drop-off: Around 19:00, at Canudos Ethnic Bar
👉Trail parameters:
Difficulty: **
Distance: 17 km (Loop)
Min. elevation: 554 m.a.s.l.
Max. elevation: 914 m.a.s.l.
Total ascent: 375 m
Approximate duration: 5-6 h
👉Trail description: The trail runs in a loop around the massive cliff that houses Samshvilde Fortress. It’s well-marked and clear. The hike starts in Samshvilde village and leads up the cliff. It later descends towards the ruins of Pirgebuli Monastery and further to the bank of the Khrami River. The path continues along the river for several kilometers and climbs up again under the Samshvilde Fortress. This section is steep at times. We recommend bringing hiking poles. They will make your life easier.
🍂 Stunning Smashvilde Canyon
🍂 Beautiful, diverse hike with amazing views
🍂 Fascinating ruins of Samshvilde Fortress and Pirgebuli Monastery
Detailed itinerary:
In the morning, we will leave Tbilisi and head to the tiny village of Samshvilde, located in the western part of Kvemo Kartli province. Upon arrival, we will start hiking first to the ruins of the 13th-century Pirgebuli Monastery and later descend the banks of the Khrami River.
The scenic path will take us through a thick forest, Sometime during this hike section, we will find a cozy place and sit down to enjoy a picnic. Bring your favorite snacks with you!
Eventually, the trail will turn upwards, making us climb towards the ruins of the ancient Samshvilde Fortress. The climb is quite steep, so walking poles will be helpful.
Once we reach the top of the cliff again, we will have time to explore Samshvilde ruins before heading to our vehicle and driving back to Tbilisi. The end of the tour.
Tour price: 95 gel
Tour price includes:
✅ Transfers
✅ Hiking itinerary guided by an English-speaking guide
Payment method: Bank transfer. NO CASH. We will send the account details. Payment is non-refundable.
Insurance Information: Weekend Travelers Georgia LLC disclaim all liability for injuries that occur during the hikes /treks. Our members are not covered by any insurance and are highly recommended to purchase their own travel insurance or ensure that their current health insurance covers hiking/ trekking in Georgia.
❗️We also accept private individual and group bookings. Drop us a message, and we will design a tailor-made journey for you