Real Rtveli: BOLNISI 1 Day Tour – Kvemo Kartli, South of Tbilisi

Experience Rtveli Wine Harvest 2022 in Bolnisi with Eat This! Tours.
8:30am – Depart Tbilisi
10 am – Visit Asureti German settlement, or the Bolnisi museum and learn about German history & oldest hominid remains in Europe (1.8M years)
11:30am – Assist with picking grapes
1 pm – Snacks in the home winery garden while helping to unload and process grapes
3pm – Help preparations for the supra (feast), khinkali making class etc.
5 pm – Supra
~8 pm – Depart
10 pm – Arrive to Tbilisi
* Dates are SUBJECT TO CHANGE based on weather and grape sugar level. Please allow some flexibility in your availability. + or – 3 days is best. If you have no flexibility, please let us know when you apply to the waitlist for the tour.
* There are no cancellation fees if dates change from those published. Once dates are locked in, you will be notified and you can pay a deposit to secure your spot. This is only refundable if the date changes, not if you later cancel.
* Approx pricing: 300 to 420 GEL per person per day, depending on group size. All inclusive, indulgent amounts of food and wine.
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