Dolma Diaries – Film Screening in Mziuri

📽A group of creatives from all three South Caucasus countries and Germany With the support of Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, pursue the experimental initiative to produce the 3-country web series „Dolma Diaries“ to overcome resentment and enemy images between the peoples of the region with fictional storytelling and humor.
Armenian-Azerbaijani relations are in deep turmoil. This turmoil has manifested itself in various ways, including the war of 2020, regular ceasefire violations and the latest Azeri-Armenian clashes. These developments send the negotiation process off the rails and remain at the core of the broader issue to end the military conflict. However hopes to reach a sustainable peace agreement remain and promoting the peace process is directly linked with deconstructing enemy images and mitigating hatred.
🎥Last year, the first episode was shot in Berlin and will now be shown publicly for the first time.
The 20-minute-screening will be followed by some insights into the process and a Q&A session with the creators and the Georgian protagonist as well as filmmaker Annuna Bukia will share her experience on “power” of films during the conflicts.